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Where to stay in Tel Aviv?


Hey friends!
You are asking me very often, where to stay in Tel Aviv, so se my pluses and minuses for most popular areas to stay.
And then you can decide better.


❤️Historical place, Old city, closeness to the port, sea, flea market, lots of coffees and bars, that work at Shabbat, better for staying with friends, than with family.
💔Not all the houses are brand new, not very clean streets, Arab people historically live here.


❤️Cute narrow streets, many cafes on French manners, croissants, boutiques, closeness to the sea and the city center, family living.
💔High rental price, in season all packed.

Center, Rothschild Street

❤️You are in epicenter, many options for restaurants and cafes, options for staying-old houses, renovated, skyscrapers, affordable transport, rest with friends.
💔Large noise, vanity, bunch of bicycles, noise from airplanes.

Florentin area

❤️Available price, relative closeness to the sea and to the center, transport (Alenbi street), cheap bars and cafes, rest with friends.
💔High population density, less of greens, many people with dogs, psychological stuffiness (IMHO)

District of Dizengoff Street

❤️Transport, lots of housing and food options, Bauhaus buildings (for those who understands) relative closeness to the sea. Family living, rest with friends.
💔High population density, lack of bicycle lanes.

North Tel Aviv

❤️Well-groomed area, new houses, many housing options, closeness to the Ha-Yarkon Park, bicycles, family living.
💔High rental cost.

Herzliya, Netanya (the suburbs of Tel-Aviv)

❤️ Quiet, more well-groomed areas, family living, closeness to the sea, reasonable rental price.
💔Quiet Sabbat, no transport on Saturday, far from the epicenter.

Bat Yam

❤️Available rental price, closeness to the sea, many options, family living.
💔No transport on Saturday, far from the epicenter.

It’s just my opinion, hope, I was useful!💋

Victoria Librescu

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what do you think?

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